9 Inexpensive Ways to Boost Your Home’s Value

9 Inexpensive Ways to Boost Your Home’s Value

This blog post will give you tips for improving your home’s value so that it can sell quickly and without complications. Follow these nine steps to find out how you can increase your home’s worth without breaking the bank.

1. Update Door Knobs

Every small detail matters when it comes to improving your home’s overall look. That’s why you should start with something as simple as doorknobs. If you have old, outdated ones on your doors, the first thing that potential homebuyers will notice is their shoddy look. Replacing them typically costs just around $15 for a set of three, but their impact on appeal is more than worth it.

Every small detail matters when it comes to improving your home’s overall look.

2. Change Light Fixtures

Another cheap detail that goes a long way is replacing light fixtures. You might be thinking about extravagant chandeliers that cost thousands of dollars but no. Fixtures can be as simple as minimalistic cups or modern-looking ones with LED lights to more traditional styled ceiling fans. 

3. Do Some Landscaping

Landscaping can be anything from planting new trees, growing plants, or rearranging your flowerbed—no need to spend a fortune. Just research what plants can stay alive year round and which ones don’t require much attention, so you don’t have to worry much about maintenance costs. 

No need to spend a fortune.

4. Repair Minor Siding Damages

Is your home’s exterior looking a bit worse for the wear? While you might consider replacing your siding, know that repairs provide value too. Nobody likes to see damaged siding. It’s not aesthetically pleasing, plus the damage can escalate to even bigger issues if left untouched. While repairs might cost a few hundred dollars, it does renew the look of your home and won’t turn off potential buyers.

Spruce up your walls with a fresh coat of paint.

5. Paint Your Walls

Paint jobs are generally more affordable than having to tear down and change your wall completely. However, you don’t have to do a full-blown renovation for this project. Even applying just a fresh coat on your walls is enough to make them look new and clean again. As far as preparation goes, remember that proper cleaning beforehand will help ensure no dirt buildup before repainting begins, so ask professionals about recommended cleaning solutions in advance.

6. Change Your Curtains

Curtains regulate how much light enters your home. As a result, it also plays a significant factor in determining the effectiveness of your lighting. It can even make your room appear larger or smaller. Fortunately, a simple change in curtains can already make the difference. Dark-colored curtains are excellent for creating a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. On the other hand, lighter colored ones are less prone to fading and invoke a soothing effect.

Curtains can create ambiance and help regulate energy costs.

7. Install Large Mirrors

Want a modern way to make your space appear bigger? Mirrors are the way to go. In addition to improving lighting by reflecting light in the room, they also expand the appearance of larger spaces. However, be sure not to overdo it, or else the reflections might cause distortions that can be irritating to look at. A good rule of thumb for installing large mirrors is to apply them in open spaces like the living room where the abundance of furniture compliments their impact.

8. Mow Your Lawn

The only requirement for this? Extra energy and a little bit of pocket money for fuel. Don’t have a mower? Easy. Just borrow one from your neighbors or rent if you have to. Having a well-kept lawn is one of the most directly observable things those potential buyers will notice. Too busy? Hire someone to do it. Lawn mowing doesn’t cost much, but it definitely accents the beauty of your property.

Having a well-kept lawn is one of the most directly observable things those potential buyers will notice.

9. Upgrade Appliances

If you can’t afford to renovate an entire room structure just yet, you can start with improving the appliances. That old fridge you’ve had for a decade? It might not be as energy-efficient as newer models. The more power-efficient a machine is, the lower your energy bills are going to be. And of course, this also means that you can save money on buying new appliances in the future since they will have a longer lifespan than less efficient models. And to top it all, you’re inherently adding value to your house with better furniture and appliances too.

What Will You Do?

Increasing your home’s worth means much more than just splurging and adding massive upgrades here and there. Sometimes, even the most superficial ways can make a difference if a buyer will like it or not. You can’t go wrong with doing the tips above!

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