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Argentina Texas Chamber of Commerce


Last June 28th, the Argentina-Texas Chamber of Commerce (ATCC) became member of the Pacific Alliance Business Network (PABNet), which is a platform dedicated to promote business opportunities between the Pacific Alliance countries, Latin America and the USA. The event took place in Houston, TX.


On June 23rd, 2016, the Argentina-Texas Chamber of Commerce and CEIPA (Cámara Empresarial de la Industria Petrolera y Afines) based in Neuquén, Argentina, signed a collaboration agreement between both organizations with pursuing working together in events, activities, programs and joint projects aligned with their respective missions. It was signed by the Vice President of the CEIPA, Favio Badillo and Ariel Sztern, president of the Chamber of Commerce Argentina Texas.


ATCC Launch

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21 Jun 16

Last May 25th we had the pleasure to launch the Argentina-Texas Chamber of Commerce (ATCC).

The event took place in Houston, TX at the “special event lounge” kindly offered by Univision. The attendance was diverse in nationalities and industry segments summing up more than 200 invited supporters who shared our enthusiasm for this new endeavor.


President Obama and the first lady will make a historic trip to Cuba next month, the White House announced Thursday, before stopping off in Argentina to meet with its recently elected president.

The president and Michelle Obama will journey to the island nation on March 21 and 22, according to a statement from White House press secretary Josh Earnest, and will then stay in Argentina for two additional days. The move will mark the first visit to Cuba by a sitting U.S. president in the 88 years since a trip by President Calvin Coolidge. In a statement, Earnest described Obama's visit as one aimed at helping foster democratization and economic liberalization in Cuba, as well as hailing the recent progress made by Argentina.


According to an article of the prestigious New York Times, the US president will “work to capitalize on the United States’ significantly strengthened position in the Americas — including his normalization with Cuba, supporting the pursuit of peace and security in Colombia, and engaging new leaders like the new president of Argentina, where the recent election of President Mauricio Macri promises far better relations between the two Western powers.”


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The members of the Argentina Texas Chamber of Commerce cover an ample spectrum of professional companies such as banking, retail, agriculture, logistics, technology, medical sector, engineering, oil and gas companies, law and accounting firms among others.

The Argentina Texas Chamber of Commerce is the primary advocate of Argentina and Texas business communities and is dedicated to building economic prosperity for both Countries. The Chamber of Commerce is a Member-driven organization.

VISION - Being a key effective partner to build a vibrant and prosperous business relationship between the State of Texas and the Republic of Argentina.

MISSION - Serving, facilitating and promoting investing, economic, educational, networking and trading opportunities between the State of Texas and the Republic of Argentina by acting as a catalyst for an innovative, successful and productive business environment and partnership.