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Argentina Texas Chamber of Commerce

Argentina-Texas Chamber of Commerce supporting organizarion of Houston Gateway to the Americas

Argentina-Texas Chamber of Commerce supporting organizarion of Houston Gateway to the Americas

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The Argentina-Texas Chamber of Commerce invite you to the first conference and expo “Houston: Gateway to the Americas”. The three day conference and expo will gather officials and business leaders from Houston and across the Americas where you will be able to discuss the opportunities in Houston and develop new partnerships or maximize your contacts, and investment opportunities.

Why Houston?

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, and the region is the fifth largest metropolitan area. It is the United States’ Energy Center and its Texas Medical Center is unparalleled in the world. The Houston Ship Channel and Port is the largest in international tonnage in the United States and will have added importance with the expansion of the Panama Canal, and George Bush Intercontinental Airport is one of the top ten airports in the United States and third in flights to Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • —It has permanent sea & air routes, a strong trade & business relationship, and an increasing interaction of Houston companies with the Americas.
  • —The Latin population surpasses one million and with its high proficiency of Spanish speakers, provides a comfortable and natural communication with the Americas.
  • —The emergence of Houston and Texas as a powerhouse in industry and technology with hundred of multinational companies, has helped developed a permanent relationship with countries of the Americas.
  • —The transportation, logistics, energy, and the Texas Medical Center have paved the way for an increasing relationship with the Americas, and allowed the opportunity for people to get to know Houston and begin to see it as a city with a future with the Americas.
Houston has the potential to become a true Gateway to the Americas. This conference will improve Houston’s position in the Americas. 

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The members of the Argentina Texas Chamber of Commerce cover an ample spectrum of professional companies such as banking, retail, agriculture, logistics, technology, medical sector, engineering, oil and gas companies, law and accounting firms among others.

The Argentina Texas Chamber of Commerce is the primary advocate of Argentina and Texas business communities and is dedicated to building economic prosperity for both Countries. The Chamber of Commerce is a Member-driven organization.

VISION - Being a key effective partner to build a vibrant and prosperous business relationship between the State of Texas and the Republic of Argentina.

MISSION - Serving, facilitating and promoting investing, economic, educational, networking and trading opportunities between the State of Texas and the Republic of Argentina by acting as a catalyst for an innovative, successful and productive business environment and partnership.