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Viviana Danduf

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Viviana Danduf is a Marketing and communications professional. For 12 years she worked at KPMG Argentina ending as the Marketing and Communications Manager for six years.

After that, she was a Marketing consultant at CUMBRE Comunicacion Estrategica and co-funded Box Marketing Studio, a communication and marketing agency.

Besides, she was the Marketing Director at TRUMP TOWER Punta del Este, Miami TV Channel and Marinas "H".

She is very experienced in creating marketing strategic plans, corporate branding and in organizing C-Level events.

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The members of the Argentina Texas Chamber of Commerce cover an ample spectrum of professional companies such as banking, retail, agriculture, logistics, technology, medical sector, engineering, oil and gas companies, law and accounting firms among others.

The Argentina Texas Chamber of Commerce is the primary advocate of Argentina and Texas business communities and is dedicated to building economic prosperity for both Countries. The Chamber of Commerce is a Member-driven organization.

VISION - Being a key effective partner to build a vibrant and prosperous business relationship between the State of Texas and the Republic of Argentina.

MISSION - Serving, facilitating and promoting investing, economic, educational, networking and trading opportunities between the State of Texas and the Republic of Argentina by acting as a catalyst for an innovative, successful and productive business environment and partnership.